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Solar Protection Films
Our films reject the heat and glare of the sun which passes through window panes. The building is cooler, air conditioning costs are reduced, and work is more productive. We produce selective films using “sputtered” technology, for better control of solar energy. Opaventis is for indoor use – Plasmashield for outdoors.
Safety & Security Films
Windows are the kind of glass which is most at risk from vandalism. Often unprotected, they are the easiest way to allow access to thieves. Glass fragments can also be deadly weapons if the window is broken accidentally. Our multilayer antiintrusion films have been approved to keep glass fragments within the window frame. They prevent simple breakages and save lives.

Decorative Films
Films produced to make glass more attractive and create environments requiring privacy. You can choose the best solution for your building from our extensive range of designs and colours, both classic and modern. The special Etherlife® process ensures a long life for the product, with no need for maintenance.

Specialty Films
Exposing products to direct sunlight can cause rapid colour fade. Our special films reject a large portion of the solar spectrum, filtering 99% of UV rays without affecting the usual transparency of glass. The result is prolonged, damage-free exposure to the sun. Twocoralis includes a wide range of films for a range of uses.
Automotive Films
One of the greatest sources of discomfort inside a car comes from the sun’s rays passing through the windows, which are also very fragile. Our special films are manufactured according to international law, reducing the heat and glare of the sun, while also making the car safer and more attractive.


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