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Allin 165 - Glass Laminating Machine
The Allin 165 laminator will film glass up to 30mm thick and will even apply films to car windows that have a curve (although not rear screens). Provided the glass in properly cleaned, the machine applies the film 'contamination free'.

The ‘ALLIN 165’ can apply up to 360 square metres of film per hour flawlessly. Glass is immediately protected and maneuverable because the ‘ALLIN 165’ applies the film using a dry system with a calibrated heating pad, and therefore does not require soap and water. CLICK HERE to see video of Allin 165 in action.

Optional Roller Line
The roller line is ideal for manipulating the laminated glass from the Allin 165. It can be placed behind the Laminator to receive the glass allowing you to trim film or work on glass while avoiding the potential for accidents. CLICK HERE to see video of roller in action.

The Celer 200
Electronic Cutting Machine.

The Celer 200 is an invaluable resource for cutting film. Whether you want to cut out 100 identical window shapes, or create 2 x 30" rolls from 1 x 60", the Celer 200 is the way to go. The Celer 200 can also measure what you have left in a roll. Simply load the roll and get it to rewind; it will measure what's in the roll while it rewinds. CLICK HERE to see the Celer 200 in action!

Glass Rack / Trolley
Need a way to safely store or transport glass around your shop? Look no further the ADS's mobile glass rack / trolley. It can stack multiple panes of different shapes glass keeping the glass away from table tops and potential accidents.

Aluminium Frame
The Aluminium Frame is the perfect way to demonstrate the versatility and safety features of safety/laminated glass. Glass can be placed into the frame and various demonstrations performed; such as striking with a crowbar, dropping steel balls etc.

Cutting Table
ADS supply a full size cutting table, ideal for cutting glass, trimming film and a multitude of other uses. The table is mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability.


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